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At Canwest Flight Training aviation is our passion and we just love what we do. Our diverse team of career flight instructors understand that no two students are the same.
We combine our many years of experience with our deep love for aviation. Our goal is your success - that simple.


Yes, safety is paramount! We are dedicated to ensuring that our students are trained to the highest aviation safety standards.


We chose the prime location to launch Canwest Flight Training. Abbotsford Airport offers a diversity of operations that will immerse you in aviation from your first lesson. Abbotsford Airport is an efficient airport, with wide forgiving runways and competent Air Traffic Controllers. All our flight training is performed 5 minutes away from our base, which reduces training costs and maximizes instruction time. We love being here.


Our sister company, CanWest Aerospace, who has served the aviation industry for over 18 years with an amazing safety record, professionally maintains our fleet to the highest airworthiness standards. 98% of our fleet’s maintenance is performed in-house which significantly increases our dispatch efficiency and reduces aircraft downtime.


We operate a fleet of Cessna 172 aircraft, the most trusted and reliable training aircraft in the world. More than 43,000 Cessna 172s have been built since 1956 and they are still in production today.

Canwest Aero Club, one of our corporate partners, provides a diverse fleet of single and multi-engine rental aircraft to meet your time-building needs. We encourage our students to take advantage of the club’s Buddy Flying Program so that they can build experience and confidence in the flight deck at an affordable price.


Our Training Facility shares a 10,000 square feet facility with our charter operation, at Canada’s fastest-growing airport. We provide a modern classroom and direct access to our apron. Our facility’s design allows for efficient and professional flight training where students can study and
learn from active line duty pilots.


We embrace technology. We combine traditional flying with the latest technology in navigation
and encourage the use of Electronic Flight Bags.

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Thank you for stopping by. 

If aviation is your calling or you have any questions about our services,  please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help.

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