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Junior Pilot Summer Camp

Hello Aviator, we know that you can't wait to get flying but let's talk about a few important things first. 

Program Details

About the Program

Junior Pilot Summer Camp was designed for aviation enthusiasts and sky gazers who dream about learning to fly. Our program prepares its participants to meet the requirements for a Canadian Recreational Pilot Permit over a period of 3 summer camps. All training conducted during camp sessions can be credited towards a Private Pilot License if the Candidate decides to pursue a career in aviation after completing high-school.


Mon-Fri, Jul 10 - Aug 25 from 9 am to 2 pm.

What will I do at Summer Camp?

Level 1 participants will complete 50 hours of ground school (pilot theory), 5 hours of pre-flight briefings and 10 hours of flight training with a flight instructor (dual flight training).

Level 2 participants will complete 25 hours of written exam prep 10 hours of dual flight training, Pre-Solo Test of Air Regulations (PSTAR), 5 hours of solo flight training and Transport Canada's Private Pilot written exam (PPAER).

Level 3 participants will complete 5 hours of pre/post flight briefings, 5 hours of dual flight training and10 hours of solo flight training in preparation for the Recreational Pilot Flight Test.  

Who can register?

To register you must be 12 years years old on or before July 10, 2023. Candidates older than 16 years may apply for the Private Pilot Program. 

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